Welding, Brazing and Heating Inserts from Messer Cutting Systems

The right torch for every application

Messer Cutting Systems offer you a comprehensive range of different welding, brazing and heating inserts to suit our handles and machine shafts. You will find the appropriate solution from us, depending upon the area of application, gas available, required performance range or geometry needed. Whether it is a micro insert for the dental and jewellery industry, a forked or ring torch for brazing of tubes or a high power torch for the heating of large components, you will definitely find it with us. To make the selection even easier for you, we offer complete kits with matching components in a practical case.

If you should have an application which is not covered by our standard programme, our specialists from the GRIFLAM® heating equipment will offer you a special solution.

Model Selection:


  • Two single jet Copper heating nozzles
  • Various versions for the gas combinations Propane, Methane, MAPP, Ethylene and Oxygen (PMYE) or Acetylene, Hydrogen and Oxygen (AH)
  • 6 different sizes for each gas combination
  • For pipeline and heat exchanger manufacture

Brazing and heating insert STARLET / STAR-FB-A

  • Low noise multi-jet nozzle (Chrome plated)
  • Noise level up to size 8 under 85 dB(A)
  • For Acetylene and Oxygen
  • According to size will fir STARLET or STAR handles
  • For pre- and post-heating when welding
  • For hard and soft soldering
  • Mixing tube of brass or stainless steel


  • Complete set in a practical Aluminium case
  • 7 different sizes of welding inserts
  • 5 metre twin hose incl. 2 Constant cylinder pressure regulators for Acetylene and Oxygen plus appropriate safety devices and Starlet handle for immediate operation
  • Heating insert F-A size 6
  • Cutting insert Starlet plus 3 suitable nozzles up to 75 mm
  • Accessories

Our comprehensive product range offers you a wide variety of different welding, brazing and heating inserts for the most varied applications and areas of use. You can find these in our oxyfuel catalogue or in our heating equipment catalogue or just contact us directly.

As suppliers of solutions to problems for the metalworking industry it is extremely important to us that we always offer you the best solution for your individual requirements. Messer Cutting Systems also has a broad product range in the field of cutting machines, service support and software solutions. You can find more information under: www.messer-cutting.com

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